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Jianbao Bite Resistant Puzzle Ball Dog Toy

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Color: Orange Red

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1. Portable handle design

Throw or kick, and have an exciting game with the dog!

2. The handle is made of rubber

Solid, high bite resistance, in line with European and American JL children's toy standards

3. Carry out roving training

You can choose any sport you like, and the trajectory is different, so that the dog will have a different sense of freshness every time he chases

4. Special shape and material

Ensure that the trajectory of the ball after the ball is thrown is not fixed, and it can also be controlled within a certain range

Product Information

Material: environmentally friendly rubber

Color: orange-red basketball, red-blue-green basketball, black-and-white football, green-purple tennis

Suitable for dog breeds: medium (bull, husky, etc.) large (golden retriever, Alaska, etc.)

Features: educational training/wear-resistant and bite-resistant

Reminder: This ball handle is for dogs to bite. The ball body cannot be bitten by dogs, it is easy to bite; it needs the owner's supervision to guide the dog to play correctly. This toy can not be played alone.

Package Content:

1*Pet toy ball

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